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Under the Same Sun

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‘Under the Same Sun’ is a large-scale exhibition of contemporary art from Latin America curated by Pablo León de la Barra. Representing the second phase of the Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative, this is the show’s third installation, following New York and Mexico City, this time held at the South London Gallery.

Inline with the new spatial context of the South London Gallery, the creation of a new visual identity for this exhibition offers a fresh perspective for the collaboration between the South London Gallery and the Guggenheim, whilst enabling a new dynamic and focus for the exhibition and its local audiences.

A key aspect of the visual identity is a typographic articulation of the title within the lineage of concrete poetry flanked by a vibrant colour palette of blocks and shapes. These represent an embedded energy in Latin American art and culture and highlight a unique relationship within the modernist canon.

Unusually for the contemporary art world in London, the project allowed us to extend the energy of the show into the fabric of the city, encouraging the multifaceted behaviour of the identity to adapt and evolve across the various applications, from underground billboards to London bus T-sides, from invitations to animation and from murals to exhibition signage.

A colourful visual identity for a large-scale exhibition of contemporary art from Latin America presented by the South London Gallery,
the Guggenheim and UBS