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Sancy & Regent, Website

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London, 2012

Visual identity and art-direction for Sancy & Regent – an online boutique, gallery and journal presenting a highly curated collection of contemporary jewellery. Collections are selected seasonally and in response to a special theme which in turn forms the basis for a distinctive photographic presentation of the key pieces. The first theme is ‘Love & Logic’ in reference to the contrasts at play — notions of delicacy and fragility with the raw energy of the natural materials. The principal is to create a gallery or museum framework — an immersive experience showcasing unique handcrafted work. The design language is intentionally eclectic — from the list of substrates and objective photography to the juxtaposing materiality and custom lettering the aim is to create a varied rather than a consistent palette.

Visit www.sancyandregent.co.uk

Photography by Matthieu Lavanchy
Website development with Twelve
Packaging with Daniel Mason