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Learning From Kilburn, Environment

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London, 2015

Learning from Kilburn is a tiny experimental university with its curriculum rooted in Kilburn, NW6. The university used the high road and its hinterland as a campus, occupying a number of locations for classes. Each class focused on a single question, looking at one thing at a time in order to understand Kilburn as a whole.

The visual identity of the university is built from a series of templates, each communicating a specific content associated with it’s programme. A natural rhythm of activity becomes clear through the daily, weekly, monthly use of these templates — the most regnisable and frequently used of which is a calendar, filling the role usually occupied by a logo. Its application is varied; it is able to communicate the dates of individual events and also the entire length of the universities existence. It, like the entire idea of the university and its associated graphic identity programme is based in resourcefulness – maximising a relatively small budget for maximum impact.

Location Photography by Theo Simpson
Programming by Per Sturesson