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Footnotes to a Project*

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Abraaj Capital Art Prize, 2011

Conceived in collaboration with curator Sharmini Pereira and published on the occasion of the 2011 Abraaj Capital Art Prize, Dubai. Footnote to a Project* is a collection of images, citations and references that support and inform the creation of the five selected artworks. Informed by the books title, the headline concept expresses the historical traditions of footnoting and its relationship with reading and writing.

The book takes the form of an enlarged paper-back and is split into 5 equal parts providing an in-depth documentation of each of the artists works through images and extended captions. The book is accompanied by two book marks intended to facilitate navigation between image and text.

Curated and edited by Sharmini Pereira
Colour photography by Thomas Brown
210 × 310mm, 536 pages, 3000 copies