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Before Contingency After the Fact, Gabriel Kuri

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South London Gallery, 2011

Contingency or fact: which comes first? This is one of the many questions posed by Gabriel Kuri in his South London Gallery exhibition. The difficulty in answering that question gives an early indication of what is to follow. In a new body of works which exist independently, but which together presents a series of interconnected arguments, Kuri poses numerous seemingly unanswerable questions, sending us off on multiple tangents, only to coax us back to the beginning to be prompted to start afresh.

Rather than producing a conventional catalogue, the form of the publication explicitly connects the formal attributes of the artists’ sculptural works to a printed object. Consisting of a collection of stitched and printed booklets mounted onto a solid case, each part contains an aspect of the content; essay, reference imagery and works. Stickers are applied to the exterior of the case providing a surface for cover information.

215 × 280mm, 750 copies
Photography by Marius Hansen