A selection of ideas, art direction and design
for art, culture and commerce.

OK-RM was founded specifically as a collaborative practice with a core team that often extends to include a broader circle of specialists and collaborators in order to meet each project’s unique requirements.

Oliver Knight
Rory McGrath
Laura Thompson
Anton Westbom Weflö
Emily Schofield
Maria Candanoza

Matthew Williams
Virgil Abloh
Esther Theaker
Daniel Shea
Jack Self
Freek Persyn
Soft Baroque
Gabriel Kuri
FOS (Thomas Poulsen)
Kirstine Roepstorff
Juergen Teller
Shezad Dawood
6a Architects
Senta Simond
Theo Simpson
Hunting and Narud
Matthieu Lavanchy
Janneke van der Hagen
Akira Takamiya
Justin McGuirk
Danny Kirk
Daniel Mason
Melanie Scarciglia
Christophe Boutin
Benedict de Silva
Thomas Adank
Max Creasy
Nishant Choksi