Embracing contradictions and confluences, OK-RM operate at the pivot point where attitude becomes form

OK-RM, founded by Oliver Knight and Rory McGrath in 2008,
is a studio intent on pushing the potentialities of what a design
practice can be. Design is here understood, in its broadest sense,
as a means of communicating,
as a transitive verb that operates laterally across disciplines and
media, and finds realisation in
an arresting and aesthetic language.

Each project pursued by the studio,
be that a book, an identity, film, exhibition or installation, grows
out of a process of conceptually rigorous investigation, with Knight
and McGrath attending closely
to both the formal properties and
the contextual nexus within which
the project participates. A project
is thus a proposition, a means
to interrogate beliefs, procedures, behavioural, temporal and material realities, and (re)consider what
it means to be in the world, and
work together.

With strong relationships
to individuals and institutions
across the UK, US, Europe, Japan
and China, OK-RM’s ongoing collaborations evidence fluency in varying modes of communicating,
the agility to move between
rhetorical approaches, and a certain confidence to attend to the feeling
at the core of each project.
OK-RM takes care to understand
their collaborators' field, intuit
their needs and realise them with authority and nuance.

Each project affords a designation
of time for sustained research
and investigation; OK-RM work closely with the granular structure
of objects and ideas as much as to
the wider culture that they inhabit. This duet between the micro and macro, formal and relational, is a durational exercise, one that enables our work to meaningfully exist in,
and participate with, the world.

Commissioners have included: 1017-ALYX-9SM, 51n4e, BOYY, Coco Capitán, Dostálková sisters, FOS, Gabriel Kuri, Goldwin 0, Guggenheim, Haegue Yang, The Hepworth Wakefield, Juergen Teller, Jonathan Monk, JW Anderson, Kenzo, Kirstine Roepstorff, Matthew Williams, Maximillian William, The Met, Newrope, Patcharavipa, REAL Review, (RE)PICTURE, Reggie Sylvester II, Rhea Dillon, Sankuanz, Shezad Dawood, South London Gallery, Spector Books, Sternberg Press, Strelka Institute, Soft Baroque, Super Yaya, Taiga Takahashi (T.T / T.T-I-A), The Tate, Virgil Abloh, Vivienne Westwood, Wolfgang Tillmans.

Working together is at the heart of OK-RM’s studio practice. Attracting to, and reacting to, a varied and
vibrant ecosystem of disciplines
and personalities. Designers,
artists, producers, art historians, programmers, poets, architects, educators, in short, an array of sensibilities, inhabit and remodel various roles within our practice dependent on the focus of a project.

Studio 1, Third Floor,
22–27 The Oval,
London, E2 9DT,
United Kingdom

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